skin tag removal Spokane, WA

Spot Removal

Do you have visible signs of aging through fine lines, broken capillaries (red spider veins), raised bumps on the skin which you cannot remove, red spots, or embarrassing skin tags? This treatment is a definite must for you.

This procedure can achieve results some lasers cannot. You will be amazed by your new clear skin, removing conditions you thought were permanent.

You may choose to get spot removal done if:

  • You have any unwanted skin growths
  • You have unwanted Sun spots – (Solar lentigines)
  • You have unwanted Skin Tags
  • You have Broken vessels under the skin
  • Don’t want to waste time on things that don’t work
skin tag removal spokane, wa
sun spot removal spokane, wa

Walk me through
a treatment
Spot Removal

  • Confirm treatment areas and ensure candidacy
  • Answer questions you may have
  • Get you comfy…
  • Take a “before” photo
  • Cleanse the treatment area with alcohol
  • Apply topical numbing cream
  • Discuss post-care instructions
  • Perform spot removal
  • Apply protective cream
  • Take an “after” photo
  • Have you take a peek and see your happiness and amazement!

How does it work?

A small probe is used to gently touch the skin. The radiofrequency will vaporize the targeted imperfection while drying the affected area. Small crusts form on the treated spots; they heal and will flake off in roughly 3 days to 2 weeks (depending on the area of treatment). The probe only comes in contact with the skin’s top layer so the lower level, the dermis, remains untouched and unaffected.

During the treatment, clients sometimes report mild discomfort, registering roughly 1-3 on a scale of 1-10. It’s often described as a momentary “sting” that disappears quickly when the probe is lifted. And of course, the conversation is kept open to ensure the best level of comfort. ​

There is very little downtime, and side effects are very minimal and very manageable.