Spokane professional skincare


We are very selective with skincare. It has to have specific criteria in order for us to be willing to recommend it to clients and to use it while performing services.

Things we look for in

skincare products

  • High-quality ingredients.
  • Small molecular structure- easily absorbed.
  • They have to do exactly what they say they will do.
  • Excellent support from the company (brand), they must stand behind their products.
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Walk me through
a recommendation
Skincare and products

  • Discuss your goals and skin objectives
  • Go over your health history
  • Analyze your skin and its condition
  • Determine your skin age
  • Listen and hear your budget
  • Create a “wish list” for your skin routine
  • YOU decide what works best for you at this time. But, you will have a copy of our recommendations to reach your goals.

The products we carry,
use, and recommend


The Wendy Way

Our favorite picks- from various lines

At your skincare consultation, we will create a plan for you to reach your skincare goals. We are seeing many clients that are using way too many products, and some don’t interact well together. As well, some clients are using products that they just don’t need; while leaving out very important steps. So, let’s work together to perfect your routine.