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crafted beauty spokane Millwood Skin


1 treatment

Gently fill in the indented areas, allowing your earrings to stand tall once again.

HIFU spokane, WA


1 treatment

Skin firming results on the neck area.
Can be done on any body part.

HIFU eye. Spokane. VAlley Medical Aesthetics


1 treatment

Skin firming around the delicate eye area. Get instant results like above, and continued results over the months to come. Check out that brow lift.

HIFu skin tightening Millwood skinspa spokane


1 treatment

So hard to firm and tighten the skin on the upper arms, and inner thighs from the aging process or losing weight. HIFU can help.

Spot and skin growth removal spokane, wa

Spot Removal

This was result of a Chemical Peel

Can be accomplished with Chemical Peel or spot removal device. Depends on your lifestyle. We can help you decide….

neck smoothing. Luxe spokane, wA

Treatment Plan completed

The result of a Customized Plan

Let us create a plan for you!

using botox to smooth smile lines. Millwood Skinspa


1 treatment

Super happy client. Just a small amount of Botox in the right places; created a softer expression. We know lots of little tricks to get the best bang for your buck.

Lip Filler. Millwood Skinspa


Instant Result

Get more youthful lips in less than an hour!
Results can last up to a year.

More images coming soon. Spokane, WA Millwoodskinspa

More images coming soon!

Currently compiling more for your viewing pleasure.
Thank you for your patience.